Building Boundaries

Step 1: Building Boundaries

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This is the first part of my 5 part series on ultimate self-love / self-care. 2023 we are loving ourselves with no excuses we will grab happiness and joy together and flourish together this year.”Periodt”


I wonder if y’all ever feel tired and run down from life yes life. Putting all your energy into others and none into yourself.
Oh, that’s just me .. Nah! I don’t believe it, if anything I know my ladies
can definitely feel me on this. Being an all-around superwoman is super hard.
Being a worker or entrepreneur a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunty, whew.
All those gems and crystals we wear on our crowns can be too much for most people
(Men) wink wink * to bare but we do that shit and make it look easy. Like almost a little too easy to the point, your family thinks you are the literal superwoman.
But sis, you’re an amazing queen who deserves to take time for herself.
You’re a queen who deserves to acknowledge her wants and worry about her needs without guilt.


Ladies we have to become more self-aware

We wear these gems on our crown daily, thinking this is what we suppose to do. We suppose to just take life B.S. and carry it with grace because that is what makes a “strong woman “.
Well, I call cap on that BIG CAP!! We are humans our bodies work just like everyone else’s it’s ok to ask for help. It is fine to have bad days and good days, and it is OK to put yourself first. To my mothers, it’s also ok to return that beautiful favor of saying “go ask your daddy” when the kids are interrupting your me time lol. The more we start to set limitations and create a zone for “Me Time” the easier life will be. Make it a schedule and let the family know whatever day you choose is your day. You are going to focus on what you want to d, eat what you wanna eat, only clean up what you wanna clean up, and only watch what you want to watch.

It’s ok to put yourself first sis

I swear I can’t say this enough but it is a lesson I had to learn after 30 years of living. You’re the queen of your castle but if you are drained, depressed, and dealing with high anxiety due to the lack of self-care. You can’t be the best queen you can be under those circumstances. Let’s break this cycle of stress and depressed and switch it to happiness and refreshed.
Creating boundaries is healthy and necessary and that goes for the kids too.
Creating healthy boundaries will also help them to want boundaries as well and to respect other people’s boundaries outside the home.


Girl, all I’m saying is it’s your time to shine so shine bright like a diamond.
Pat yourself on the back because you have been rocking the hell out of life
Even with the curve balls it throws. But you can not forget to take care of you
Mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I have a blog post on different self-care ideas check it out and comment below on which ideas you see yourself starting

Lets Sparkle and Shine together ❤
-Love Brittney

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