Trendy Plus Size Clothing

Trendy Plus Size Clothing

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When you look your best you feel your best. Being a Plus-Size woman it can be hard to find clothes that match my personality. Clothes that make me feel sexy and gorgeous without breaking the bank. Plus size clothes are always very expensive especially if they are trendy. There are different brands that I do enjoy when I have some extra coins to spend like Torrid, Ashley Stewart, and Rebdoll. When my budget is tight I have some shops I like to go to to get trendy clothes that make me feel sexy but for a great price. I’m going to share some of the stores let me know if you have ordered from any of the companies in the comments below.

Also I have made it easy for you if you want to check out the site just click on the Promo picture and it will direct you straight to the site ENJOY!



This place caters to both men and women and has everything to complete an outfit from clothes to accessories to shoes. This is a one-stop-shop and I’m here for it everything is so cute and affordable. Just like any other store, you will find some amazing gems and sometimes you will get something that just doesn’t fit or look right. The Quality of the clothes has improved a lot in the years that I have been ordering from them which is about 7 years now.

When It comes to size they start at size 8 and most outfits go up to size 20. And unfortunately, their shoes are not big foot-friendly they go up to a size 9 but, if you’re in a size 9 or below they have so many different types of shoes all varieties from heels to sandals.


CurveGirl -Plus Size Clothing

Exclusive Collection
Curvegirl is a site I like to shop on when I’m looking for more business casual type clothing that has a little flare. They do offer all types of fits from pretty dresses to swimwear etc… They almost always have a good sale going on so that’s is another plus for me nothing like a good sale right. This boutique only offers clothes so you will have to find your accessories elsewhere but for the price of these great quality clothes, it’s worth it.



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This site is a new one for me I’ve always heard about it but didn’t know that they had a plus-size section. When I found out I checked it out and have been in love with the clothing I’ve received so far. They go from a 1X to a 5X and everything is at an amazing price. Most clothing sets cost no more than 35.00 and the dresses are no more than 30.00. They have the cutest bathing suits and everything that I have purchased from them has come quickly and is exactly what I ordered. The quality can be hit or miss sometimes but for the price, I say it’s worth it plus you can always return what you don’t like.


Poetic Justice -Plus Size Clothing

This is another new brand to me that has plus size clothing,  but I’m in love with them. I’ve mainly purchased their jeans which run about 50+ bucks depending on the style. Their Plus size selection has everything from jeans to dresses and the cutest shirts and rompers. Sizes run from 14-22 and some of their rompers are very stretchy material. Their Jeans are my favorite they fit perfectly and come in so many different styles.

I hope this information really helps and I will be providing more lists soon. Because being a plus-size woman myself I know and fully understand the struggle of finding clothes. Something that makes you feel comfortable yet sexy and a little sassy. Or in my case a lot sassy and a lot sexy lol.

Leave comments below on other brands I should look into for my next post.

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