4 Natural Hair Growth Tips

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Let’s be honest Natural Hair is beautiful we all can agree to that. On the other side of that beauty is the hell we go thru to keep it in that beautiful state. Because if you thought that starting a Natural Hair journey was going to be easy, I’m here to tell you it is not! The Big chop is just the beginning of the struggle, but the outcome is very much worth it.


Some Tips I have for you ladies who are just starting so if you’re a Vet. In the natural hair journey this post is not for you but please check out my others. Something might just catch your eye 😉.

Now back to my newbies here are a few straight to the point Tips to get you started in the right direction


Natural Hair tip 1.) Keep it Simple ….


It’s so many products out there for natural (yay for the progress) but that doesn’t mean that everything is going to be good for your specific hair. You will need to try different Brands some will be a hit and unfortunately, some will be a miss but when you find one that works for your hair type STICK WITH IT. This is important to stay with the brand that is giving you the result you want. Once you find those products keep your routine as simple as possible so that you won’t go thru burn out or the “I’m over it “phase. Keep it simple…


Natural Hair tip 2.) Moisturize on a Regular Basis…

This all depends on your hair type. If your hair is more on what I like the call the “thirsty type “and it soaks up the moisturizer like it’s no tomorrow. You might wanna start your journey by moisturizing daily and maybe even a few times during the day. Keep it light “DO NOT “weigh your hair down with a large amount of product.




Natural Hair tip 3.) Use Essential Oils….

Don’t be quick to run and buy some sort of miracle hair growth oils when you can legit make those same oils at home with essential oils and other household ingredients. Stay tuned because I will be dropping some Scalp oils, I make at home for me and my daughter that works amazing. Back to what I was saying Essential oils are amazing for dry scalp, hair growth, and so many other things. *Hint my favorite one to use is peppermint.



Natural Hair tip4.)  Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day…..

This one is especially for my ladies who just did the big chop there is no need to wash your hair more than once a week. You want to leave those beautiful oils and moisturizers on there for as long as you can for your best benefit. If you are washing your hair daily your Wasting money and product also, your drying out your scalp and hair

Now if you pat your head more than you use to that doesn’t always mean your scalp is dirty it mostly means your scalp is dry and irritated adding oils will benefit you way more than washing your hair just because it itches.

Yall Let me know if these Tips worked for yall and if you have something you want to share, please add them below in the comments.

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