3 Self Care Tips

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Self care is something I like to consider Mandatory!

We as women do all these amazing things daily and make it look so easy but while conquering the daily challenges of life, we forget all about the foundation. You’re the foundation sis, and if wanna keep your world from crumbling you must, and I mean MUST make time for yourself. Life is hard and can be busy and if you’re a mother like me it’s hard to get out and have solo time unless you have an on-call babysitter that legit comes when you call. I’m not fortunate enough yet to have that so I like to do things at home to take care of myself and just show some love back to myself.

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Here are a few tips of what I do I recommend you try them and let me know if it’s something you want to add to your weekly routine💫

Self Care Tip 1.) Spa Treatment

When you think of Self Care time most people think of facials and massages. I am people lol because I love a good facial with some wine and some good music there is nothing better. Run a bubble bath get your favorite wine or whatever you enjoy drinking and some music and just let relax. If you’re a reader this would be the perfect time to read a book anything that helps gets your mind off the day. Don’t think about those dishes that need to be washed or these clothes that have been in the basket for a week and need to be folded. None of that exists once you get in that water you are at the most relaxing place on earth. Focus on yourself and realign your energy. Spa time is always a win in my book personally.

Self Care Tip 2.) Meditation

Simply the best this is a go- especially if u don’t have

e the luxury of time on your hands to have the spa treatment moment. Meditation can be short or as long as you want it to be. The main point of course is to focus on your energy focus on where your imbalance is and then focus and set intentions on how you’re going to fix this so your energy flow is moving thru you smoothly. There are many types of meditation make sure you do your research and find the flow that works best for you. My type of meditation is spiritual meditation and mantra meditation.

Light some candles play some relaxing music and just get in your zone. Make this a daily practice to feel a difference in energy.

Self Care Tip 3.) Exercise

Exercise is clinically known to reduce stress and overall of course help with your general health.  I have the most impactful meditation sessions after a good work out mind relax quicke You would be amazed at what your body and mind can do. When you are in your exercise zone try to focus your energy and release the stress of the world in every movement. After you do this you will feel more relaxed and you will start feeling fulfilled again. That’s why I always say meditation is the best after a good workout you are already in the zone and on a different energy level.

There are so many different things you can add to this list to complete your routine.

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Love to All 💞

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